Our Career

We are looking for passion. If you are a talented woodworker, prototype builder, maker, cabinet maker, cabinet assembler or just passionate about our product, we want to hear from you. You will not do the same thing all day long. You'll be assembling out campers with pride from start to finish. We'll discuss your suggestions to improve the process and build jigs, fixtures to make our life easier. As the company grows, you'll have the opportunity to learn new trades, machines, software. The assembly worker will work with the assembly team. She (he) will participate in all assembly tasks, will track her (his) progress and will be involved in some inventory and quality control. Tasks: Receive parts and sub-assemblies from suppliers Adjust inventory level Read drawings and check parts conformity. Flag non conform parts (NCP) Prepare assembly line, tools and collect parts for next...

  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience with power tools and construction
  • Ability to communicate in English is an asset
  • Experience setting up and operating saws, power actuated tools, and other woodworking machines
  • Able to read and interpret drawings and specifications
  • Experience in producing high quality custom cabinets, built-in units, furniture, doors and door frames
  • Attention to detail, and standing for extended periods of time, is required